HP Omen 15-ce000 15

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Battery type:  Li-Polymer
Voltage: 15.4V
Capacity: 70Wh
Cell:4 Cells
recharge cycles: 500
Operation time:  Around 1.5-2.5hours

Compatible Part Numbers:

SR04XL 917678-1B1 917678-2B1 917724-855 TPN-Q193 TPN-C133 TPN-C134 HSTNN-IB7Z HSTNN-DB7W

Fit Laptop Machine Models (please use ctrl+f to search for your laptop model):
HP Omen 15-ce000 Series:

15-ce000ng 15-ce001ng 15-ce001tx 15-ce002ng 15-ce002tx 15-ce003nl 15-ce003tx 15-ce004ng 15-ce004tx 15-ce005ng 15-ce005tx 15-ce006tx 15-ce007ng 15-ce007tx 15-ce008ns 15-ce008nw 15-ce008tx 15-ce012ng 15-ce014ng 15-ce015dx 15-ce015ns 15-ce016ng 15-ce018dx 15-ce018ng 15-ce019dx 15-ce019ng 15-ce019ns 15-ce020ns 15-ce030ng 15-ce031ng 15-ce032ng 15-ce033ng 15-ce034ng 15-ce050nz 15-ce085tx 15-ce087tx 15-ce090nz 15-ce099nf 15-ce509tx 15-ce510tx 15-ce511tx 15t-ce000 15-CE001NA 15-CE003NA 15-CE004NA 15-CE006NA 15-CE011NA 15-CE012NA 15-CE013NA 15-CE014NA 15-CE016NA 15-CE017NA 15-CE019NA 15-CE020NA 15-CE021NA 15-CE022NA 15-CE023NA 15-CE024NA 15-CE054NA 15-CE056NA .

HP Omen 15-dc0000 Series:

15-dc0001ng 15-dc0002ng 15-dc0004ng 15-dc0004tx 15-dc0005tx 15-dc0006ng 15-dc0006tx 15-dc0007tx 15-dc0008tx 15-dc0009tx 15-dc0011tx 15-dc0013tx 15-DC0030NR 15-DC0051NR 15-DC1020NR 15-DC1030NR 15-DC1052NR 15-DC1054NR 15-DC1057NR and more.

HP Pavilion Power 15-cb000 Series:

15-cb000ng 15-cb002ng 15-cb003ng 15-cb004ng 15-cb005ng 15-cb006ng 15-CB006tx 15-CB007tx 15-CB008tx 15-cb009ng 15-CB009tx 15-cb010ng 15-CB010tx 15-cb012ng 15-cb013ng 15-cb014ng 15-cb018ng 15-cb030ng 15-cb031ng 15-cb032ng 15-cb033ng 15-cb035ng 15-cb035wm 15-CB045wm 15-cb070ng 15-cb070nz 15-CB073tx 15-CB074tx 15-CB075tx 15-CB076tx 15-cb077nr 15-cb094nz 15-cb009ns 15-cb012na 15-cb012no 15-cb012ns 15-CB018UR 15-cb032ns 15-cb033ns 15-cb036ns 15-cb052tx 15-cb077tx 15-cb091nd 15t-cb2000 CB000ND CB000NG CB000NQ CB000NS CB001NB CB001ND CB001NF CB001NK CB001NP CB001NQ CB001NT CB001NU CB001NX CB002NB CB002NE CB002NF CB014NO CB014NS CB014TX CB014UR CB015NF 2EF91PA 2EF92PA 2EF93PA 2EF94PA 2EF95PA 2EF96PA 2EF97PA 2EF98PA 3KS69PA 3KS70PA 3KS71PA and more.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx000 Series:

CX0000NK CX0000NQ CX0000UR CX0001NG CX0001NL CX0001NQ CX0001NU CX0001TX CX0001UR CX0002NG CX0002NM CX0002NQ CX0002NS CX0002NX CX0002UR CX0003NG

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